London 2012

Are you obsessed with the 2012 Olympics?  Are you even walking around trying to perfect your English accent?  Did you love the bit during the Opening Ceremonies when the Queen jumped out of the helicopter with 007?  Swimming, gymnastics, volleyball – what’s your favorite Olympic event?

If you’re thinking about throwing an Olympics party, there are some really cool things out there in the wonderful land of the internet just waiting to found and clicked on.

Olympics Party Ideas!

Olympic “torches” – I mean, really!  Could it get any cuter!?

Olympics Party Torches olympics-party

An adult beverage, perhaps?  Champagne with LifeSavers tossed in – GENIUS!

olympics party

Turn yummy glazed donuts into Olympic rings simply by adding M&M’s.

Olympics party!

Oreo Olympic medal treats – honestly, you’ve GOT to see this.  Get the low down here

Olympics Party

There’s just so much you can do with the Olympics theme!  Let your imagination (and your internet searching) run wild.  We know you’ll bring home the gold!

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