Who’s up for some DIY?

I’ll be honest with you – I’m not necessarily what you would call craft or DIY inclined.  Sure, I appreciate what others can do and am in awe of the genius ideas they come up with.  But, I missed the memo on learning HOW to come up with said ideas.  So when I come across something that completely knocks my socks off and causes me to say, “WOW, I can totally do that!”, I want to pass it along to as many people as I can.  You’re welcome!  :)

This gem comes to us from our friends, The House of Smiths – they’re brilliant.  And so very inspiring!  Plus, this one is totally useful and practical.  BONUS!  Follow along as we learn to make a magnetic organizational board out of an old frame found at a thrift store.  Are you already tingling with excitement thinking about all the ways you could use this in your home?  Keep track of lists, coupons, random paperwork, invitations, and so much more!

Here’s a sneak peek, but you can find the whole tutorial and full instructions here.

You can obviously make this using any color scheme you like – matching your own kitchen decor, but they used a bright and happy yellow.

What you’ll need…

Thrift store frame (in desired size for your magnetic board)

Large piece of magnetic metal

Non-magnetic decorative radiator covering

Heavy duty tin snips (to cut the metal)

Spray paint in the color of your choice

Ready.  Set.  GO.

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